Aico Alarms

Aico Alarms

Aico Alarms range inlcudes

  • 160C Rechargeable Alarms
  • 140C Alarms
  • Base Inc RadioLink
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms
  • Accessories

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Product no.: Ei1000G

Aico SmartLINK Gateway


1000 Series 

Enables remote management of RF alarms

Transmits data over GSM network

Trade Price £165.00
£115.50 *
Product no.: Ei100BNX

Aico Ionisation Smoke Alarm

Alkaline battery only - battery included.

Stand alone - no wiring required.

Trade Price £6.07
£4.25 *
Product no.: Ei100MRF

Aico RadioLINK+ Module 

Eliminates tricky wiring runs.

Radio frequency signals to link alarms.

Trade Price £57.04
£39.93 *
Product no.: Ei100S

Aico Ionisation Smoke Alarm 100 Series.

Dual Ionisation Chamber 

5 Year Guarantee

BS EN14604:2005

Trade Price £11.59
£8.11 *
Product no.: Ei100TYC

Aico Ei100TYC Ionisation Smoke Alarm 

Dual Ionisation chamber sensor.

5 Year guarantee.

100 Series 

Trade Price £31.94
£22.36 *
Product no.: Ei116

Aico Anti Vandal Cage

For use with the 30002110e160e and 140RC Series

Reduces possible damage to the alarm from vandalism

Trade Price £20.45
£14.32 *
Product no.: Ei170RF

Aico RadioLINK Alarm Kit for Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

  • Flashing strobe light
  • Vibrating pillow pad
Trade Price £203.84
£142.69 *
Product no.: Ei171RF

Aico RadioLINK Strobe Light

  • Flashing strobe light for daytime rooms
  • Mains powered with rechargeable lead acid back-up battery
Trade Price £178.74
£125.12 *
Product no.: Ei174

Aico Vibrating Pillow Pad

Provides additional warning where more than one vibrating pillow pad needed.

5 year guarantee.


Trade Price £25.09
£17.56 *
Product no.: Ei181

Aico Ionisation Smoke Alarm 

  • Dual ionisation chamber
  • 12-24V DC power
  • 9V Alkaline battery back-up
Trade Price £47.37
£33.16 *
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160C Rechargeable Alarms

160C Rechargeable Alarms

160C Rachargeable range includes

  • Heat Alarms
  • Optical Alarms

and more.

Please note all alarms in range are Lithium Battery back up.

140C Alarms

140C Alarms

140C Alarms range includes

  • Heat Alarms
  • Optical Alarms

and more.

Please note all alarms in 140C range have Alkaline Battery back up.

Bases Inc RadioLink

Bases Inc RadioLink

Aico Bases Inc RadioLink

Range includes

  • Professional Base
  • Relay Base
  • Switched Input Module

and More...

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Aico Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Range includes

  • CO Alarm
  • CO Alarm with Digital Display
  • Replacement CO Sensor

and more....



Accessories range includes

  • RadioLINK Alarm Controller
  • RadioLINK Alarm Controller Switch (Fire and CO)
  • RadioLINK Alam Control Switch (Fire)