Sawing & Cutting

Sawing & Cutting

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Product no.: T0834

C.K Junior Hacksaw

Blade length - 152.4mm

Complete with 2 x 32tpi high quality blades

Ideal for basic cutting

Trade Price £3.74
£2.81 *
Product no.: T0959-10

C.K Spare Blade Trimming Knife Blades 

Pack of 10

Can be used with C.K Trimming Knives

Heavy duty.

Trade Price £2.91
£2.18 / 10 piece(s) *
Product no.: T0835
Trade Price £3.74
£2.81 / 10 piece(s) *
Product no.: T0905

Heavy duty, box section steel frame with aluminium handle for strength & durability.

High leverage blade tensioning system for straighter cuts.

Spare blade storage in back frame for convenience.

45 & 90º blade positions.

Trade Price £16.24
£12.18 *
Product no.: AV09020

For cutting wood. Triple ground and hardened teeth for effortless cutting. Cuts on both the push and pull stroke for fast and smooth cuts. 45 & 90 degree angle guide built into handle for easy marking. Rubberised handle for extra grip.

Trade Price £7.49
£5.62 *
Product no.: AV09010

For cutting metal.

Screw adjustment for quick and easy blade tensioning.

Soft grip handle for extra comfort.

Trade Price £4.66
£3.50 *
Product no.: AV01010

Auto Load Trimming Knife


Blade retracts for safe storage.

Comes complete with 5 additional blades.

Trade Price £6.99
£5.24 *
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